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MP3 bluetooth Decoder Board with Amplifier Wireless Audio Receiver Module For Transfer Speaker Modified Car

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Support bluetooth version 4.2, 3.7-5V power supply, support automatic connection function
On-board stereo Class D power amplifier module, maximum output 5W+5W
Can be connected to two 4Ω 6Ω 8Ω 3W (5W) speakers


Power Supply: 3.7-5V
SNR: 90dB
THD+N: -70dB
Crosstalk: -86dB
DNR: 91dB
LOS: >15m

5V USB power supplyUniversal Micro USB 5V power supply
3.7-5V power supply padrealize external 3.7-5V lithium battery power supply modification
LED indicatorbluetooth mode blue light is on
3.5mm audio interfacestandard 3.5mm interface, output stereo sound source, can be plugged into headphones, connected to power amplifier and other equipment
Left channel 5W output5W power amplifier output of the left channel of the decoder board, connected to 4Ω6Ω8Ω 3W (5W) speaker
Right channel 5W outputdecoder board right channel 5W power amplifier output, connect 4Ω 6Ω 8Ω 3W (5W) speaker
1. The decoder board supplies 3.7-5V, if it is higher than 5.5V, the chip will be burned. Do not reverse connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply. The reverse will burn the chip.
2. It is recommended that the DC power supply be 5V1A; if the power supply is insufficient, the speaker sound will be small. When the power supply is seriously insufficient, the speaker will make a “dida” sound, even without sound.
3. It is recommended to connect 2 channels of 4 ohm 3W (5W) speakers; if you connect 2 ohm speakers, the power amplifier chip will heat up, causing the chip to burn.
4. Pay attention to static electricity protection. It is easy to generate static electricity when the weather is dry. In the process of using the user, please use the static electricity on the conductor to operate the decoder board to avoid the decoder chip being destroyed by static electricity.
5. During use, the mobile phone and the bluetooth decoder board should not be blocked by obstacles such as walls, and should be kept away from the metal shield as much as possible; blocking will reduce the transmission distance, and in serious cases, the music will be stuck and intermittent; the decoder board can be properly adjusted. The angle of the phone adjusts the optimal state of the connection signal.

After the power is turned on, the blue indicator light is on and enters the Bluetooth mode; after the “Beep” is broadcast, the pairing mode is entered to wait for pairing; the mobile phone Bluetooth searches for “XY-BT” (decoding board device name), and clicks “XY-BT”. Connect, play the "Beep" after the connection is successful, you can play the phone music; after the Bluetooth is disconnected, the decoder board prepares for the next pairing, and plays the "Beep" and enters the pairing mode to wait for pairing.

Package includes:

1 x MP3 bluetooth Decoder Board


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