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AC220V/500V 10-500A Three-phase Digital Display Voltmeter Ammeter LED Dual Display Meter

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Product Manual:
Split type: easy to install, the transformer is separated from the meter, the transformer can be installed according to the actual position of the measurement (the lead of the secondary end of the transformer can be lengthened to achieve the ideal installation position)
Fixed: The transformer is fixed on the meter
AC voltage, ammeter with the same screen, two-color, dual display, highlight large font;
Simple wiring of the instrument:
Two-wire system: no need to connect the power supply, the red and black wires are connected to the meter while supplying voltage (no polarity is required)
Current testing does not require the purchase of a separate transformer. The meter comes with a high-precision transformer.
Set the trimmer potentiometer in the meter head, you can calibrate the voltage and current error by yourself.
The split-type transformer has a back cover that is safer, more convenient, and more secure.
Note: The wiring sequence of the instrument is: first connect the current circuit line, 220V voltage is last connected, after turning on the 220V power supply, you can not touch any components and circuits behind the instrument to prevent electric shock.

Voltage Meter   
RangeFull measurementResolutionRemark
Current Meter   
AC10AAC0.00-9.99A0.01ATransformer inner hole: about 11mm
AC50AAC0.0-50.0A0.1ATransformer inner hole: about 15mm
Fixed only: about 7mm
AC1OOAAC0.0-99.9A0.1ATransformer inner hole: about 15mm
AC200AAC0.0-200A1ATransformer inner hole: about 24mm
AC500AAC0.0-500A1ATransformer inner hole: about 28mm


Shell Color: White/Black (optional)
Voltage: 300/500V (optional)
Current: 10A/50A/100A/200A/500A  (optional)

Measurement accuracy: 1% ± 2 bit
Display: 0.39 inch LED digital tube display, voltage - red, current - green
Measuring speed: about 2 times per second
Dimensions: 70 × 40 × 30 mm
Installation size: 68×38mm
Power supply line, measuring line length: about 150mm
"Separate" transformer lead length: about 100mm
Working temperature: -10 ~ +50 ° C
Working humidity: 10~80% (no condensation)
Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa
Sunlight: no direct illumination


1. Do not wrong connect the transformer and the power supply cable, and it will be damaged directly.
2. This table is designed using the principle of capacitor buck. The higher the frequency, the smaller the impedance of the capacitor, so it is not suitable for high-frequency electronic speed regulation, non-mains sine wave frequency, or other high-frequency components. Otherwise easy to burn.
3. When it is uncertain about the output waveform and frequency of the device under test, the AC voltage regulator is basically not recommended.
4. When selecting the range, the larger the range, the better. The larger the range is, the larger the error is. It is recommended to be 1.5 or 2 times the actual test value.
5. The minimum starting measurement current is generally 5 words of the last digit, such as 0.5A for 50A, actually about 0.3A, 5A for 200A/500A, actually about 3A, 0.05a for 10A, actually at 0.03A. about
6. Frequent uninterrupted switching and extremely unstable voltages can be easily damaged. Vehicle inverters such as non-sinusoidal waves cannot be used.
Package includes:

1 x Meter



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